For the past three school years, Dan Burns (aka “Dan the Magic Man”) has performed exceptionally popular magic shows at Butte Creek School for the classroom that wins our attendance contest for a specified month. Dan first approached me to offer a free magic show for a class, and so we developed the attendance contest to determine who won this awesome show. After the first year, I contacted Dan to see if he would consider doing it again for us, and he agreed right away, so we just had our third “contest” magic show in three years, and already look forward to next year.

Dan is a terrific magician, totally amazing all of the students in his audience, but also has a great manner with the kids, due to a 30+ year career as a teacher. His magic shows delight and entertain, and every single student goes away with a big smile on their face.

The chance to earn one of Dan the Magic Man’s popular shows has the clear effect of spurring an increase in school attendance among our students, which is a great thing no matter what it takes to make it happen.

We appreciate Dan’s shows and thank him so much for his generous and talented contribution to our students at Butte Creek!

-Kevin Palmer, Principal
Butte Creek School


Dan Burns was here to perform for our talent show we held earlier in the month, our residents absolutely loved the show and Dan did a wonderful job interacting and keeping our community mesmerized with the whole event. I would highly recommend him to any event. He is warm, friendly and very entertaining. Thank you Dan for your special magic show!

-Deborah Campbell
Columbia Ridge Senior Living


Dan, once again you have captivated our special population and thrilled them with your amazing magic! Your performance at our annual Christmas Party exceeded expectations. How on earth did you turn that floating piece of paper into a real rose? I continue to have people tell me how much they enjoyed your show. Thank you for your part in making our event a success for over 400 people with special needs!

-Michelle McKenzie, Director
The ARC of Marion County


I would like to thank Dan for the wonderful magic show that he performed for our residents. Everyone was overjoyed at the appearance of your trusty sidekick, Wilbur The Little White Bunny. Where did he come from????? We look forward to having you again! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

-Gary Kluver
Enrichment Coordinator
Hidden Lakes Retirement


I am a member of the Englewood Parent Club and also one of their volunteers. We needed an “act” to reward our students for their outstanding fundraising efforts. We decided upon a magician. I had seen Dan “The Magic Man” Burns at a child’s birthday party and remembered him because he was great with the kids.
Englewood Parent Club hired “Dan the Magic Man” to perform for our children at Englewood. He was fantastic at keeping the kids engaged throughout his entire act. It was amazing how he was able to keep a group of 150 kids quiet enough to hear him. His act was age appropriate yet intriguing to all who were in attendance. The children felt like they had really seen some great magic and a well rounded show. We were pleased with his promptness and his reasonable price.
I would highly recommend him to anyone. He was great for all ages, we had K-5th grades and everyone had a wonderful time.

-Mary Graney
Parent Club Volunteer
Englewood Elem. School


I am a pleased mother to an even more pleased son. We had Dan the Magic Man perform at my son’s tricky birthday party on April 1st. Dan was able to captivate and hold the attention of our audience, a small group of 7-8 year old boys, parents, and siblings. We were impressed with his tricks, with 15 budding magicians watching his every move; Dan was able to pull off some magic tricks that even they couldn’t figure out. Thank you again, for providing your services and making this such a memorable and magical event.

April Hall 
Mother / Party Planner
Lyons, Oregon