About Me

Dan Burns, local magician in Salem Oregon 97305

Dan the Magic Man, performing at a birthday party

Dan Burns was born in Portland, OR but grew up in Oregon City, just a few miles away.  As a kid, his dad used to take him to “Callin’s House of Magic,” where he saw all kinds of miracles with cards, coins and small objects.  That instant sense of astonishment was so enjoyable and each time he’d walk out carrying a small bag of magic props.

At about this same time, an older next door neighbor boy taught him three new tricks, one using a handkerchief and two more with string.  Armed with these resources it appeared that he was ready to develop his own craft as a magician.  However, as the grade school talent show approached, “Stagefright” reared its ugly head and …he was a “No Show!”  Thus ended Dan’s early magical aspirations.

Years passed.  Dan the Magic Man graduated from high school and college.  He was about ready to begin his new career as an elementary school teacher when he remembered his early interest in magic.  So Mr. Burns learned several simple tricks, created a 25 minute show and, when the time seemed right, told his 3rd graders, “We’ll have a magic show when you earn 20 stars on the “Good Behavior Chart” I’ve posted on the back wall.”  Soon the chart was full, the magic show was  presented to thunderous applause and his students begged to learn the magic tricks.  He decided to teach them during  recess and before school.  Once a small group had mastered specific tricks and developed interesting presentations, he’d take them to another classroom to perform.

Along the way Dan began performing outside the school setting, which included birthday parties, banquets, customer appreciation events, grand openings, wedding receptions, anniversary parties and more!

Now that Dan the Magic Man is retired, performing magic continues to be an enjoyable hobby because it’s both challenging and rewarding.  There’s always new tricks and presentations to learn as well as new audiences to delight.  Click the Request A Quote button above to get in touch with Dan!